Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Verb...It's Whats Happening!

OK...time to tackle verbs! Action is where it's at here. This is running from today 9/11/07-9/21/07. Sorry for the day's delay, but life is hectic. Actually I am just getting the finishing touches on the debut kit. So check back at the store in a few days to get your hands on that! It's going to be fantastic and HUGE!!

Rules....same as always, but I'll refresh for newcomers. You can submit as many projects as you want. Layouts, altered stuff, cards are all welcome! Winners will need to be from US or Canada. Just paste your link in the comments section so I can find my way to you work!

Ooh la la!! We have a great prize this time, which I thank my husband for! A brand new, sealed copy of Photoshop Elements 5.0 for Windows. SWEET!

Schoolhouse Rock Inspiration!

"Ok....Let's roll!!" ... thinking of 9/11 today.


Anonymous said...

this is SUCH an AWESOME idea!!!


Mary Jo said...

I haven't scrapped for over a month but this may just get me motivated! LOL

Mary Jo said...

In honor of the great prize I went digital with this LO. Feels good to get a LO done-it's been too long! Thanks for the inspiration!

Michelle Scott said...


Hopefully I did this right?! This is the first time I participate, rather, this is the first time I heard of this! Someone posted on the Fiskateer board!

I'm so in need of a photo shop program


mag said...

ooh ooh- i hope i didn't misunderstand! here's a link to my 2 page lo of verbs:


thanks! i can't even imagine what i would do with that prize!!

Traci Keriazakos said...

omg! I so have to win that. Now, I have to figure out when I can scrap! Ahhh!

Mary Jo said...

OK-here's another one-your verb challenge is getting me to scrap! LOL


Heather R said...

here's 2 from me
this one uses verbs as the journaling http://scrapbook.com/galleries/18782/view/1034953/-1/0/1.html

this one uses a verb as the title

Carlee said...

I am working on a layout...but I just wanted to say WOW to all the submissions...They are awesome!! So Inspiring!! Thanks Everyone!

Jana Eubank said...

Here are a couple from me! (Dream and Climb on my blog)



Jennifer said...

Here is one from me. I hope to do more


"Building our snowman"


Jennifer said...

Here is another one from me


"She gave me flowers..."


Anonymous said...

I just posted mine.
Thanks Noel
Jenifer Cowles

VanillaCarmel said...

mine is at my blog, look for 'verb challenge ' in the title, posted for sept 18. it s called KICK IT.

melita said...

Here is mine!


ellyn said...

here's mine:

Heather said...

In honor of the fact that it's a digital prize, here's my digital LO that I created with my own papers. My verb is SURPRISE! =0)

I created all my own papers and embellishments for this one! Fun contest!

courtney said...

i finally did one! lol.. thanks for the inspiration! here's mine:

Oh and if anyone cares to know - the guitarist is from avenged sevenfold.

Carlee said...

One down (and a million coals in the fire ;))


tanya_williams said...

This was a challenge to choose from all the possible verbs out there, so I started with my pic first, THEN chose my verb 'Freeze'.


Scrappy Rat said...

Alright! Here's one about my neice who was completely confused by the fact that the fuzzy facial features would stick to the Muppet, but not to her father. Hence, the title, "Stick, dammit." "Stick" being the verb here. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Noel! Here are my entries:




Thanks! Superjen

Anonymous said...

Great challenges!
Here is my entry :)


Maya - fiskateer #351

Crystal Howser said...

Here is my Lo: Wish

Carlee said...

these boots are made for RUNNING


Carlee said...

Hangin' with Pa

My first son at 1 month old hanging out with my dad :)


elly rainbow said...


Anonymous said...

Here's one I think...

Carlee said...

Two More From Me....

Click here for Catching Flies

Click here for PLAY

Stephanie said...

Here's my LO -- Sasha Scraps

Monkika said...

Hope I'm not to late. I almost forgot to post the link here...


Thanks!! Monika/It'sagirlsworld

Anonymous said...


here's my entry

AmyWhit said...

Hey, Noel! I'm entering the Challenge...finally! I did this LO a week or two ago and just realized that it would work for the verb challenge! Yay, me! I scrapped....even if it was digitally! LOL.


Jonnine said...

this was a quickie. Just trying to get back in the swing of things after a 2 month break.