Monday, September 24, 2007

Preposition projects. Say that 3 times fast!

So...we are nearing the end of the Parts of Speech...only 2 left. So let's tackle the preposition, shall we? This challenge is running from 9/24-10/5. Rules are the same as always. Do as many projects (LO's, cards, altered items) as you want. Anyone can play, but winners need to be from the US or Canada. And remember to link in the comments of this or the slide show post so I can find your work!

This time we'll play for the debut kit and add on kit! Hope that entices some entries!

Like Mother Like Son

The View From Here

Schoolhouse Rock


Greta said...

i have mine done ;) i'll have to get the link to you

Jennifer said...

Here's my entry:
Pic is a little grainy, not real sure why, lol! Thanks for the challenge - I LOVE your debut kit!!!

bruinbr said...

holy moly! what an AWESOME prize! :)

melita said...

Here is mine! I am only linking the full 2 pg spread, but I do have individual pics of each side of the LO as well in the Fiskateer gallery.


Jana Eubank said...

Hi Noel! Loving your challenges! Here are two from me! (I was in a "circle" mood. LOL!)Thanks!


scrappygal said...

Wow want a fabulous kit...and to think that I found you by accident! I am glad that I did. Here is a link to my preposiion layout. http://tallyscrapper.com/scrapbook_gallery_view.php?layout_id=10903

elizabeth said...

here's mine :)


Jing-Jing said...

Dear Noel, I just discovered your challenge blog and happened up the preposition challenge! Let's just say that it opened up my world as far as LO titles go! It also renewed my infatuation with the English grammar :) Thanks for a great challenge and inspiration!

According to ... Fussy

Between Sisters


Anonymous said...

mine has 2 sides:

Louise "boysmom" from Scrapjazz

Rachel Ricks said...

Here's mine! This was great for the pics of my son tying his shoes for the first time! Thanks for the fun challenge.

bruinbr said...

here's mine :)


todd_smurf said...

here is mine

Anonymous said...

Here's another one:

Louise "boysmom" from scrapjazz

kimandasmom said...

Here is mine


Jennifer said...

Here is my entry

"when you wish upon a star"


Anonymous said...

I need to get this finished up since it's due TODAY! ACK! busy busy. ~Sonda

Jonnine said...


was having trouble with my computer, hope i made it...

Jing-Jing said...

Dear Noel,
One more for this AWESOME challenge. I have thoroughly enjoyed titling and journaling outside of my box!!

Preposition Princess Story