Monday, September 14, 2009

Are you ready!?! This is the BIG ONE!!

Okay, I gave you all a heads up a few weeks ago that there was a BIG challenge with a BIG prize coming today...and here it is!!! This is going to be one of the very few challenges where I do require you to use a kit to create your work. And this is more of a THANK YOU challenge for all of my wonderful customers who have supported me, and my kit making, over the last few years!!
THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for all the sweet words, return purchases, notes from countries near and far, gifts, shout outs...it just means the world to me!! This one is for Tara in Canada, Jodi in PA, Teri in Washington (who has never missed a kit!!), Simone in France, Julie in AZ, Cynthia in Brazil, Marie in NY, Sian in the UK, Amber in IN, Regina in Sweden, Line in Denmark, Mia in the Philippines, Sasha in NM...and ALL of my beautiful friends!
First off this challenge is going to run from today through Oct. 9th, so you have a full 4 weeks to work on it. I will be announcing a RANDOM winner on October 12th. Each entry will have an equal chance of winning, as long as the requirements are met! :)
Now the requirements. Not that hard really. You just need to use 5 unique NoelMignon kit items, other than patterned paper. Paper does not count. So you can use letters, stickers, vintage items, ribbons, brads...etc. And you must have at least 5 items per entry. You can enter as many projects as you like! All work must be made for this challenge.
And please list your items, and the kits they are from, in your link, so I can verify that you have followed the rules. And please, please, please leave a link in the comments section on this blog so I can easily find you work. I do try and make rounds to the various MB's, but I do drop the ball sometimes, so if you link it up here I am sure to see it!
Here is what you are playing for!! Adobe Lightroom 2.0. With an MSRP of $299! This is both Windows and Mac compatible...and it's a MUST to highlight all your fabulous family photos! EEEEKKK!!!

If you do not have a NoelMignon kit, there are still several left in the store, and a few are on sale! *If you order one this week (not the pre-order), I will upgrade you to priority shipping so it gets to you ASAP!!
Also, I do have the pre-order up for "The 31st", which is the October kit, and which will be shipping out within the next few weeks. I am down to just 15 of those unspoken for, so if it looks like something you might want, don't hesitate to pick it up, as it will be gone quickly!
The DT will be bringing you weekly inspiration on this one, so today we will leave you with a few LO's from Michelle and Virginia.




Alrighty...now GO...go have fun and create something fabulous! I am so excited to see what my awesome customers and friends come up with!! Hugs, thanks and love!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

School Slide