Sunday, September 7, 2008

The "School Days" challenge!

OK guys, so as hard as it may be to believe school is back in session. Wow, my summer flew by! Anyway, I was thinking my school photo stash is pretty huge and in need of scrapping. So let's do a school days challenge this time around! Get to scrapping those first day photos, graduation pics, or the dreaded 9th grade head shot when your skin was "oh so clear" and your hairstyle was "rad"!
This is running from today through the 19th. I will be picking a winner who will be getting a $10 GC to the shop....so enter as many as you want! Be sure to include your link in the comments section or just link directly to the slide to make it easier.
Oh....and for your enjoyment.... :) Virginia found this way fun website called Yearbook Yourself, where you can upload a photo of your current self and you can transport back in time and have the hairstyle and clothing of several decades, all the way back to the 1950's. So if you are low on photos, or just want a way cool LO of yourself with a kickin' wig, go "Yearbook Yourself". Michele Kovack was super brave and did the "70's babe" LO in the slide show, which is "far out"!
Enjoy our glorious head shot gallery of hairstyles gone by! BWWWAAAHHAHAHAHAAA!!
Noel 1982

Michelle 1950

Jana 1994

Virginia 1978

Michele 1988

Greta 1964

Tessa Ann 1966


Paper Patti said...

What a fun blog! Found you from fiskateers. I added my layout to the slide.


Kristi said...

What a blast! Thanks for sharing the website, I am going to check it out! LOL

Greta Adams said...

bwhahahahha girl i am carcking up!!! this is the best!!

Jenn C. said...

That was so fun! The scariest part is that I actually have some of those hair-do's and the pics look just like some real pictures I have! Wrong years though! I was never in style. LOL!

Apryl said...

hehe...too funny (although I think that 80's one IS my year book photo?!)

You've been tagged with an I love your blog tag. Check out my blog to see!

Fiona Y said...

here's mine :

Pinky said...

OK You know I never went to school man!! I was raised in a cult they hate school! LOL Darn them!

NancyJones said...

omg im crackin up over the hair.

Nathalie said...

Just added a mini-album I made with DS1's 1st days of school. Thank you for another great challenge Noel!

VanillaCarmel said...

hERE IS a link to my school page!!



Coco said...

cool photos, lol.
here's the link to my LO in my fiskateer gallery.

melita said...

I've got a couple for you!

A First Day of School


And a first field trip!

Coco said...

here's the link to a LO I made of my graduation ceremony