Sunday, January 6, 2008

Kiss challenge!

Happy New Year everyone!! I don't know about you but I ring in every New Year with a big ole' kiss! Which led me to think that would be a super fun idea for a challenge! Let's see your best kiss LO or project. Kiss you baby, have your kids kiss, kiss your puppy, or think of your dream kiss...lol! Anyway you want to do it let's see it!

This challenge will run from today through the 18th and the winner will be announced on the 21st. This is the first challenge of the year in which the winner will be the guest design team member for next month! You will get to choose any paper pack like Terri did this month. You can submit as many as you want and make sure to link up in the comments section so i can find you!! Have fun!

Here's some inspiration from the design team:







karriecook said...

Great challenge! I've got a couple of good smoochy pics.

luvstoscrapbook said...

What a wonderful challenge. I saw this on fiskateers....
Here is my layout, thanks so much for a chance..


Kellie said...

Here's mine!!! :)
Just had to enter it.

Lydia said...

Fun challenge! Is it ok to submit an older lo? If so, here is mine:

Kelly Jo said...

Welcome Back!!!
I finished this on the 1st. Can I use it?
Happy New Year!!!

Heather R said...

here's one from me

irene said...

What a fun challenge- this is a lo I did a while back- Love your site! Your kits look fantastic!


Jenifer said...


here is mine.. its a 3D one and her wings pop out when the layout is up.
Thanks Noel

Anonymous said...

Love it Noel !! I think i know just the photo to use !!!! Welcome back home girl !!

Anonymous said...
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Kelly Jo said...

Here's a new one just for you, Noel.

karriecook said...

Here's mine. Thanks!


Sunnymommie said...

cute challenge!! here is mine


I will try to make more ! :)

RobinDiane said...

Here is my layout for the Kiss challenge..

Chrissy Le said...

How fun!!! I'll try out! BTW, how did you make the comments pop up in another window??

Starlight said...

This is fun
here's mine

Patti said...

love kissy pics!!! they are one of my favorite poses...here is my LO:
http://www.scrapinstyletv.com/portfolio/view_layout.php?layout_id=52424&user_id=4745 :-)

lkylaurenkay said...

fun fun!!
Here you go:

Sunnymommie said...

here is mine

Jennifer said...

Here's my entry. Thanks for offering up the challenge!


melita said...

Here's mine!
Thanks for another great challenge Noel!

jonnine said...

okay here is my favorite pic from my wedding, because it means the world to me.

emelyn said...

hi noel!! yippee...I got the challenge done. cheesy, but I love it. this was taken during our recent trip to Israel. We visited the church in Cana--Jesus' first miracle. We renewed our vows and sealed it with a kiss :)
Thanks for a fun challenge!!


Anonymous said...

Here is mine http://scrapbook.com/gallery/source/113705/DSCF05682.jpg



Christina said...

I'm just going to add ones to share. I did these from my and my husband's wedding in July 2007.

Ceremony Kiss - http://www.scrapbook.com/myplace/index.php?mod=galleries&u=221573&m=view&id=1200385&page=1&a=127579

Outside Kiss - http://www.scrapbook.com/myplace/index.php?mod=galleries&u=221573&m=view&id=1200357&page=1&a=127579

Cake Cutting Kiss - http://www.scrapbook.com/myplace/index.php?mod=galleries&u=221573&m=view&id=1200383&page=1&a=127579

Lisa said...

ok here is my fav kissy page!


and my second fav! hehe


thanks for letting us know this was going on, over at SIS. very exciting! :)

Greta said...

beautiful stuff....i am lovin this slide...i have to get mine done asap!!!

Anonymous said...

oh bummer...missed this. :( Awesome layouts girls!

northcarmen said...

This isn't a brand-new layout but it's one that still makes me smile so I thought I'd post it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Noel !
Here is my last minute entry ! Sorry, busy week !
I love this photo so much ....