Monday, January 21, 2008

Favorite Things Challenge!

Hey guys!! Our next challenge will focus on YOU and all YOUR favorite things. A cute mini album is a great way to show these off! Get creative! It doesn't have to be just the favorite people in your life...it can be your favorite foods, favorite daily items, favorite songs, do you have a pair of favorite shoes or a favorite handbag? How about a favorite scrapbook company? LOL This challenge is running today through the 1st. No winners this time...everyone who completes this will be a winner and will have rewarded themselves with a wonderful album of memories (ok...could that be any cornier??...no).

Ok guys, show us your favorite things!!! Post a link in the comments section so we can find you. Oh...and when you show us you favorite things mini album be sure to tell us your favorite song so we can add it to our play list!! You are currently enjoying some of the the DT's favorite songs...lol!
Have a great day!

Need some examples?? Well here ya go! Here are
Ashley's Favorite Things

Noel's Favorite Things

Patti's Favorite Things

and here are my favorite things (Adrienne's Favorite Things)


Jeanette said...

Oh I love this challenge!!! I will so be doing this!!!

karriecook said...

Great challenge! I have an idea! Those mini albums are beaufiful!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Adrienne/ Noel, your challenges are always cool ! Love these examples girls ! Lady ( jeanette ) , maybe we can do this together !

elizabeth said...

awesome challenge!!!
here's mine :)


jonnine said...

heres mine


Morgan said...

Hey, I have one for this!!! It's here: http://www.cropaddict.com/photopost/showphoto.php?photo=6133&cat=915