Monday, August 20, 2007

Taking a week off.

I have decided to take a week off from the challenge. School is starting and I have a first grader, so the transition is going to be kind of tough, on both him and myself. Plus soccer is starting and I'm team manager. So I think I need a breather. I'll be back a week from today with the newest challenge! See you all then!!



Teri said...

Nice Blog :)

Patti H said...

I am happy cause I have a very busy week too!! Good luck in grade one

Ginny said...

Good luck with the transition. My youngest is going into 1st grade but she had full day kindergarten last year, so I'm hoping this year will be easier. Last year the first 2 weeks were a bit rough. Also the entire school year she came home starving & I had to have food for her the second she hit the door, lol. Good luck to both of you!

kelly jo said...

YOU so deserve a week off. Love the challenges and look forward to next weeks!