Monday, October 11, 2010

The "Time Capsule" Challenge

Happy Monday everyone! The TV title challenge was a super fun one. I hope you enjoyed that and got some inspiration from the music and the design team.

Yesterday was a special day that happens only every one hundred years. It was 10/10/10. This got us to thinking about doing a "time capsule" layout/project about what daily life is like right now. What is the price for a car and a home? What movies and music are popular? Who is a famous athlete or actor? These are all answers that will be different at any other point in history before or in the future. So the challenge here is to document what is going on now. Something you can look back on (or family members can look back on), and get a real sense of "how life was".

This is running from today through Oct. 22nd. Please be sure to link up here so we can see your very own "time capsule". Also...on a side note...SB Trends is having an open call for Time Capsule work. So be sure to use this as a double duty Lo and share it here and submit it HERE!

Here is the DT work:






Patti H said...

this challenge looks like fun

aussiescrapper said...

What a great challenge

Patiscrap said...

I also enjoyed the challenge, I will do my page for sure!

Patiscrap said...

Hello, I wanted to ask you to extend the deadline for this challenge! I found it very interesting, but this week I am unable to do anything if I stayed for the next week would be great! Kisses!