Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Project Runway Challenge "Make it Work"!

I don't know about you guys...but another show the gals around these parts are *obsessed with* {sing/song voice} is Project Runway! How can you not be?!? And of course my favorite has always been Tim Gunn. I just love his polished presentation. Sometimes I like to think of myself as Tim, especially when it comes to this blog. Of course I don't tell you how to do your work, or what to modify, but giving out the challenge is fun, and I must admit sometime i do use my Tim voice in my head! LOL!

Greta presented this idea when this season of Project Runway started and the object is to take a favorite episode of Project Runway and try a technique, or fabric, or stitching, or whatever and run with it! A few episodes from this season that stick out to me are the "hardware" challenge, where they had to use supplies from the hardware store. The one from this last week, which was to make your own textile, which I could see translating into making your own patterned paper, and the burlap sack challenge, where the designers had to use sacks to create their outfits.
Also, I do envision lots of stitching...but that is me! :)
So this is running from today, through the 9th. Please be sure to link up your work in the comments section so we can find you and add you up to the slide show! Hope you all have fun with this one, and be sure to check out the song in the playlist called "Dance Mix"...it's HIGH-larious! :)
Here is some DT work to draw from!
Greta (love of sewing)

Michele (lots of beautiful work on the burlap flowers, lots of stitching, and a "fashion" theme)

Noel (Used paper that I thought resembled burlap, lots of stitching, burlap flowers, lots of inking (they did a lot of dying in the episode), distressed fabric letters) *Sonoma County LO

Jana (created her own background paper with stamps and rub ons, burlap flowers, lots of stitching)*Sonoma County LO

Virginia (I was inspired by the burlap episode, so I wrapped a canvas in burlap I had from a gigantic coffee bean bag, and used it as the background for my altered clipboard. I decorated the clipboard with items from the Sonoma County kit (including the gorgeous burlap flowers that coordinated with the feel of my piece), along with the Seaside Cottage kit and some things from my own stash.)

Michelle (I decided to use the PR where they made their own textile - I kinda tweaked it and copied the zebra pattern on her pants to the cardstock on the bottom, lots of stitching, fabric use)

Kim (I was inspired by Episode 8... use natural elements. I used pictures of Matthew down by the lake and used embellishments to support the "natural" feel.)


Marie Levite said...

Such clever girls!! Love all of your great pages.

Angie said...

I am obsessed with Project Runway. I love this challenge and everything the DT created. I can't wait to get to work on this one.

aussiescrapper said...

I so wish I could view these episodes as we don't get them in Australia but I have heard of it but for some reason it says it is copyright and we cannot view in our country.

I just love the gorgeous layouts, so many wonderfu ways to use the gorgeous somona kit too. I cannot wait for Playground.