Monday, July 20, 2009

2 Pager Challenge!

Great job on the Summer Traditions Challenge everyone! It's so fun to see all the happy faces shining in the sun!
The time has come to tackle one of the BIGGEST challenges a lot of us scrappers face...telling the story in a 2 page spread! I have NEVER tackled a 2 page LO before, so this is on my "to do" list this week or next for sure! ;-)
This challenge is running today through July 31st. Please be sure to upload your link in the comments section, so I can find your work! If you are utterly stumped (like me), take some time to browse through the various sketch sites around the web, there is a lot of inspiration to be found. Some of my favorites are 52 Sketches, Page maps, and Inspired Blueprints. There are some great 2 pagers to be found there!
Happy Scrapping! And here are some awesome 2 page examples from the Design Team:






PS...the new kit went up for sale this morning,and I have less than 10 left! Hop on over to the Store to pick yours up!


Tara said...

Great challenge! I don't do as many 2-pagers anymore either. I find that with wallet size or smaller photos, I can get lots of photos on one page so I don't bother anymore. I'll have to try one again.

Megan A. said...

Great challenge! I have recently started doing 2 pagers as part of a challenge to scrap a photo for every day of the 92 days of summer, in one layout per week.(meaning 7 pics per page)

So I think I have been getting better. Here is my latest:
simple pleasures

Marit said...

I don't do that much anymore either... but here's my latest:


Aphra said...

Still love a two-pager. Here's mine:


Love this challenge!

Tara Orr said...
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Tara Orr said...


Here is mine!!

Gretchen said...

i love all the 2-pagers!!

BlessedinTexas said...

Seriously Noel, that is a sin to have NEVER scrapped a 2 pager... I love doing them and find the one pagers a challenge everytime I think because I take so many pictures. I hope you enjoy this one because I know I will - thanks again! PS - Sure wish i could afford a kit, they look awesome as always!! Hugs, Diana

Missy said...

Here is mine :)


aimee said...

just got one done! and it's the first that i have done in AGES!


McMGrad89 said...

Here's mine:

Frances said...

I love 2 page layouts and they are especially good for the many pics I take in the summer! Here is my layout...


Saxolim said...

Here is mine, thanks to all the inspiration found around here!


Love the challenge!

Geórgia Almeida said...

Here's mine! Thanks for the great challenge!

xoxo from Brazil!


Diana said...

I actually still love 2 pagers :) thanks for the challenge, here's my LO on my flickr

and it'll be on my blog in a few

Thanks for the challenge

wendipooh13 said...

what a great challenge and thanks for the kick in the pants to get me to get this done..
here is mine:


Tara Orr said...

Thanks for the push - hated every second of it! (LOL!!)

Here's mine: Swing Kid http://eachmoment-onlyonce.blogspot.com/

Cheryl said...

Here is the only 2 pager I did this month.


Elizabeth Bailey said...

Here is my layout. Glad to get these recent family photos scrapped.